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comp restarts after an hour or two


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my dads computer keeps restarting on it's own after an hour or two of use. he tried checking for a virus but had to reinstall norton. when trying to reinstalling norton the install process locks up. i think he has a virus. any ideas?


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Does it say anything when it is shutting down? Or does it just reboot? If it is a hard restart it might be a hardware problem, maybe you could try dusting off your cpu heatsink(or the whole computer)


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if u cant access any of the sites that jw50 posted then its probably a nasty virus that has those sites in the hosts file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\) what the hosts file does is now allow u access to sites in that file, so it displays page can not be displayed, so if u wanna go to those sites and u cant, edit the file in notepad and remove the antivirus sites from there


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i've ran some worm removal tools and found nothing. i think it may be hardware. also, though, when trying to run norton 2005 reinstall, nothing happens after the initial install screen. not sure why. i tried some other programs and they all seem to work.


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The random restarts could be heat related, try checking all of your fans, case fans and cpu fan, and cleaning them if necessary, canned air works pretty well for blowing stuff off of the fans. You can also try leaving the cover off of the case and if that stops the restarts then most likely your problem is heat related.


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Hi , I'm the one with the problem. Norton will still not get past the install window.............But, it has been dismantled and cleaned, was not that dusty. Everything sound as if it;s running ok. It's been off for two days, ram sys restore and really messed things up......Went into admin tools.component services and just about everything was disabled. Turned everything on auto and restarted every little thing.....Could not get some items to start. As follows: Performance logs & Alerts,
this had happen to me before. don't want to overwhelm you but millions of things cause this. first thing to look for are obviously hard ware problems. if you are positive its not bad RAM or old unupdated BIOS then start looking at smaller stuff such as software and drivers

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