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Comp keeps restarting


It seems like my new setup just keeps giving me more and more problems.

Heres the situation:
after spending quite a while trying to figure out why my computer couldn't post, i finally figured out how to fix it.

Then I was able to install Windows XP. I started updating windows (security updates & SP1). I restarted my computer, right after the windows boot screen, my computer would keep restarting. It kept doing htis over and over.

Can anyone tell me what i might have done wrong? and how i can fix this.


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From what I can recall on my experience on this kind of restart you might want to check your PSU (especially the temp). I've had a fan failure which caused my PSU to overheat and as a result it kept rebooting my machine non-stop.


The thing is that I havent touched any of my ram/cpu or any other hardware since i last booted windows. Could this still be due to the RAM or CPU?

Im sure my PSU is fine, its fan still works and I havent had it running to long.
Can you boot into SafeMode, Hit the F8 key just before windows starts loading.

Try unplugging network and modem leads, if that doesn't work, remove all pci cards and unplugging all usb/parallel/serial devices.

GO into Bios and under power manmageemnt turn off "reboot on failure" or whatever option sounds like that in your bios. You should now get a BSOD with some info.

If you don't get the BSOD but keep restarting it sounds like the power is crapping out. Try another power supply or reduce the load (disconect case fans, sound card, some of the RAM, and optical drive).

One other possibility is the bios is deciding that the CPU is in thermal trouble (too hot or cpu fan speed too low). There may be bios options for these safety cut out levels. CPU temp should be 60-65 deg C. Fan speed can be zero as long the temp is ok. Check the CPU fan is plugged into the header and the HSF is seated properly on the cpu.


Thanks for the help guys. After alot of testing with a few parts from a friends comp, I found out the problem was with the memory. I did a Memtest86+ on it and it gave me hundreds of errors.

Now i found out after i got off the phone with Kingston that the problem is that the memory stick is meant for overclocking and all I had to do was increase the voltage for the memory upto 7.25V.

Now everything works great.

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