common tasks help.



in the attached jpg is my current theme.. seer for windowblinds.. i'd like to make the common tasks look like the seer theme.. is it possible? i thiiiink you do it in the shellstyle.dll but i'm not sure how, so if someone knows and could tell me how or pt. me to a link. i'd appreciate it. Thx.
yes, you need to change that part in shellstyle.dll using ResBuilder, you can find it in TGTsoft website. Make sure you are using other themes in your machine while editing a particular theme, other wise you will lose that left panel.


WB 4 alpha is out

Window Blinds 4 alpha is out if you have Object Desktop. I think it will skin these type of system windows.


er. no trial version .. boo.. anybody else got any idea on what to change in shellstyle.dll?
The boxes are bitmap 100(1033) to 112(1033)
You should edit these bitmaps with Resbuilder.
Remember to use theme other than the one you are hacking.

The left panel background is not a bitmap but is gradient color.
Edit/change this using ResHacker.
Located in UIFILE 1.
On the right panel, find:
<style resid=taskpane>
element [id=atom(sectionlist)]
background: gradient(argb(0,192,192,192), argb(0,192,192,192), 1);

the numbers 0,192,192,192 represent the gradient color,
that is the color I use, yours might be difference.
192,192,192 is RGB color code
DO NOT change the 0 (alpha)

Once you done click compile script and save.

Remember to make a backup before you hack the file.


i see neither one of those. i'm thinkin it's because i'm using windowblinds and not stylexp? but yeah none of those are in the dll the bitmaps go up to 107 not 112.. and the gradient isn't there..

can i just add them? or something.


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I have no idea . .

I checked the original shellstyle.dll of Luna style and its all there.
I am using XP pro but don't think there are any difference in XP home. Not sure whether you can just add them as there might be some other reference pointing to the bitmaps.