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18 Mar 2002
I've had to write some Linked List code recently and I've managed to get it to compile and the test code seems to work. I was just wondering if anyone has any comments about it or can point out some glaring issues with any of it.

I am quite new to malloc and friends so I want to make sure I've not screwed anything up there.

I've attached the code with a Makefile to this post.


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It is very simplistic, which is a very good thing. Will look over it some more tomorrow morning (today) when I wake up :D
noob questions.

what does it mean when you use:

port2->index = "43";

what does the arrow mean? and why are you using 43 as a string? (inside quotes)
port2 is a pointer so I could use (*port2).index but because this is such a common need the -> method of accessing structure members through pointers is provided.

I am using strings because its all involved with SNMP and OIDs which are easier to work with using strings

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