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Command and Conquer : Generals Preview



Perhaps no other PC game has spawned as many spin-off series as Command & Conquer, and interestingly, it's not the setting, but the gameplay style and mechanics, that successfully carries over from one C&C series to another. Renegade, Westwood's first shooter, was the last game set in the Tiberian universe, and it likely won't be the last to pit you against the forces of NOD. But EA's hopes for Command & Conquer's renewed success are riding on Generals, which not only adopts a new, near-future setting, but one with eerie echoes of the international conflicts filling today's newspapers. Generals is now nearing release, and as much as the 3D engine has impressed us from the game's unveiling, we've finally seen enough of it to say that, beneath all the flashy effects, there's plenty of depth to make it an outstanding game.

The missions offer some dramatic scenes of their own, thanks to an engine that supports some giant civilian structures in the urban environments where many battles take place. Anyone who's followed the game has probably seen images, from as early as last E3, of the dam bursting and flooding a valley below. The dam is used not once but twice in the game. Another good example of a large target structure is the convention center that looms over a GLA base in the second China mission. While collateral civilian damage never seems to merit in-game consequences, many maps are filled with civilians running through busy streets, which adds to the flavor of the settings and can distract you enough for a sneak infantry attack.

Just a couple of missions into each campaign, you'll already have high-powered units at your disposal. While the top units for each faction are saved for late in the campaigns, the designers didn't want to make you wait to get the good stuff. And the nice range of units to deploy does make the conquer-the-map missions quite interesting. But missions don't follow a simple formula, and there are a few that emphasize alternate goals, like stealthy commando raids or desperate defenses. There's usually some cool stuff to blow up, whether it's a GLA SCUD complex or UN supply planes.

While the balance of the game hasn't changed much from the multiplayer beta version, Generals' overall feel is much more solid. There's surprising depth to Generals' gameplay, particularly since the three factions are so very different. It's refreshing to see a game with very effective air units as well as strong antiair counters, and, when planes are circling overhead as air support or simply guarding air space, the impressive graphics only reinforce the sense that this is finally modern combat in real time. We'll have to wait to play the final game much more exhaustively to tell if Command & Conquer: Generals lives up to its potential for greatness, but it won't be long now. The game is gold and is sure to be out in only three weeks.



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EA announces that the upcoming Command & Conquer game is complete and will ship on schedule.

Electronic Arts has confirmed for us that Command & Conquer: Generals has gone gold and will ship on February 11. The development team at the Irvine, California-based EA Pacific studio submitted a final candidate version to EA last week, and the game is now officially complete and ready for manufacturing. Generals is the first game in an original Command & Conquer setting that borrows from modern-day conflicts.
"From the beginning of the development of Generals, we wanted to offer players a Hollywood version of the war you're seeing on CNN with the much-loved C&C feel," said Mark Skaggs, general manager of EA Pacific. "The team is incredibly proud of the outcome and we can't wait to get the game in players' hands."



So far i bought mostly if not all the C&C series, hope this one will be good. One thing i didn't like about it is that you can only play one on one on internet games only. They really have to fix that.

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