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Comcrap question...

This really has nothing to do with winXP, but here goes:

I have a compaq (I will never buy another one BTW) that the kids use. It only has a 10gig drive and works ok, but the kids are always accidently deleting stuff and sometimes want it back. So, I installed another harddrive (2.5g) just for backup purposes and now the PC will boot twice.

The first time it does a POST, then tells me it found the CDROM and the 10g harddrive, then will go through POST again and then tell me it found the CDROM, the 10 g HD, and the 2.5g HD. Once it goes through the second POST, windows will boot fine and both drives are available (and using DMA mode). This happened with win98 and now with win2k (both times a fresh format and install).

Absolutely nothing in the BIOS lets me configure the drives, there's just an entry that says "autoconfigure" (or something like that). Is there an advanced BIOS utility program that will let me do more Admin type stuff? It seems Compaq tried to build this thing for idiots who shouldn't be in the BIOS in the first place.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I think if it did the feature would be where 'autoconfigure' is. Like you said, 'Don't buy one again.'

You could try checking how both drives are cabled up.
Well, I really got it for the wife cause she thought it was "cute" and "it must be fast, its a 566MHz" (back then 1GHz was about the highest you could get OEM). Well, its a celeron; and "fast" and "celeron" do not belong in the same sentence. Needless to say, she wasn't happy with it, so the kids inhereted it.

As far as cabling goes: the 10g HD is Master and the 2.5g is slave.

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