Comcast is starting to stink, really bad.


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12 Jan 2004
I been having this issue with my upload speed only being 2k for the past week. Comcast has told me daily that they are working on it. They have yet to fix it ! I am starting to believe all the horror stories I been told about this company.

Is anyone else having this issue ???

My download is 11 meg and my upload is 2k !!! It takes forever for pages to load, and I get a lot of time outs. It took me an hour to post this for example !! Needless to say I am getting pretty fed up with it ...
I did a test just yesterday actually, got about 15 something down and only 386k up.
mmm, Yes.
I have been getting KC speeds, a little less on the up though.
Kinda stinks for 52 a month...
Pretty much normal here:

Download Speed: 8273 kbps (1034.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 700 kbps (87.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

Download should go way up once powerboost is active in my area.
I am a member of Broadbandreports. Been so for a long time now.. I get on the site daily :). Thanx for the info, they seem to have some what fixed it last night, although I am still getting lagging. So we will see what happens. I still can't wait for fios to come to town ...

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