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Comcast DNS issues

American Zombie

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They had this problem four days ago where you could not connect using Comcast DNS servers and now again tonight the same problem.

This appears to be a nationwide issue once again and I do not know if some group is targeting Comcast servers or they are doing work on the network.

To get connection working again use any DNS servers other then Comcasts.

If you do not know how to change DNS --> How to change DNS servers

List of DNS servers to use instead of Comcasts (only need to use two):


SpeakEasy Nameservers

ORSC Public Access DNS Nameservers

Sprintlink General DNS

I run a dnscache machine which searches from the root-servers on down. saves loads of problems, esp last year when my ISPs nameservers started being stupid

nice heads up for comcast users though


is this why i have been getting dropped randomly if it is 5minutes or 50minutes but still getting dropped? nm did it :) lets hope it works and stays up


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update for Comcast users..DNS DOWN AGAIN! 9:07 EST. Reports are comming in
from all over country...switching again to verizon DNS..bah!!
this is getting rediculus, this has been going on almost nightly for almost 2 weeks here. Guess I'll use the Verizon DNS until I hear comcast get there sh*t together.

Rep pts for the DNS #'s. Thanks.


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when changing dns #s does it matter where you are located. I am in chicago and wanted to change them but wasn't sure if it matters at all??

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