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Comcast aquires TechTV/fires staff.


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just goes to show you comcast can **** everything up it wants to.

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I'm not going to watch it anymore ... was really the only thing I turned on the TV for other then "adult swim" (adultish cartoons on cartoon network for those not in US). I hope Comcast goes under as nobody watches G4. :mad:

I think this quote from Leo on April 15th sums it up ...

The future is still a little cloudy, however. Comcast assumes ownership of the channel a few weeks later and I have no idea what will happen after that. I am certain they've been impressed by your support for the show, however, and if that doesn't convince them to keep it on the air, I don't know what could.
Apprently they are all about blowing $ ... and hopefully sinking there own ship. :)


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I won't watch TechTV anymore if they fire the hosts and get rid of shows like Call For Help and X-Play. Dang Comcast. :mad:


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they destroy one of the best tv channels on the planet. Oh well, good luck to the people that work there, and comcast can go down slowly but surely.

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I dont get Tech TV but I want it, but Id have to either get digital cable or a dish and my parents dont wanna pay extra for the cable. I mentioned my paying the dish and my mom doesnt want it attached to the house (go figure!). So I envy you guys, but now since this Im not so sure if I want it anymore.

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