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ComboBOX autoselect


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The deal is I have a form that is based on a table in Access. IT's hard to explain so I just give an example.

if I have Dude A, 5'8", White abd Dude B, 5'7", Asian....
In the form the person can be chosen from the combobox and depending on the person that is selected, the text boxes representing height and race change accordingly.

e.g. when I choose dude Dude A in the combo box the text boxes change to 5'8" and White, and when I choose dude B the text boxes change to 5'7" and Asian.

This works fine. The trickier part is let's say I have a picture of a white guy and an asian guy below. What I want is for when the picture of the asian guy is clicked, the same thing happens as when you choose him from the text box, etc.

I tried doing Me.Combo.Value = "Asian" but this only changes the value in the combo box, it doesn't change the corresponding text boxes. Any ideas??



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I'm not quite sure this will work but here it goes..
This is assuming you have your image objects in an array.

Private Sub Image_Click(Index as Integer)

      'or you can try
   Call Combo_Change(Index)

End Sub

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