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Think the new colours are an improvement :D :D

Out of curiosity though, what's the policy for the warning level?
I'm not planning on trying this out personally ;)
but is it a 1 to 10 kinda scale, or is it 1 warning then a ban?

*finds a ladder on the floor :eek:-
slopes off with the ladder for firewood *:p

Electronic Punk

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basically you get 25 points... its like driving at 80mph past a policeman or driving past a policeman at 80mph with loud music on.

Different offenses get different points, all of which currently expire after 90 days.

It's not in use yet as it all needs to be worked out.
Ahh Thanks m8 ;)

Cool 25 points....
So drawing from the same analogy...
If you drive past a policeman, at 80mph, playing loud music with a face full of narcotics, a beer in one hand, a brace of hookers on the other, a body in the boot (trunk), no tail/brake lights, four bald tyres, no MOT, tax or insurance, you're only 12years old and you're mooning the aforementioned officer will get ya a ban? lol :p ;) :D

*warms me hands on the lovely open fire.
/Me invites everyone to the ladder fire to warm yer tootsies;)*

Electronic Punk

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no :)
Thats the current list of warning stuff, its gonna be changed tho as I basically pinched that from another site, so we need to get around to changing it all
Looks good though.
At least this way new members have a way
of not getting banned before they are familiar with the forum guidelines.
I've seen many posts requesting a way around a password, serial numbers or CD Keys etc.
Usually the requester is new, and once informed by another
member/mod/admin that this breaches guidelines, they apologise
and find another way out of their predicament.
To those whose plight is genuine; links/contacts are usually
supplied to manufacturers/developers etc to seek further legitimate help.

Will this be policed by the mods upwards, or will penalty points
be the domain of admins only?
Originally posted by Erbmaster
Will this be policed by the mods upwards, or will penalty points
be the domain of admins only?
Admins, Supermods and Mods have the ability to add warning "points" to members who break guidelines. ;)


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hmmmm now what outher amazing site has this?


is a good idea. i take it we will be aware when we get to like 20/25 warning points?

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