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colorado scanner

hi all does any one know where i can get a compatible driver for a colorado 9600 scanner,made by primax, the driver that i tried to use is not compatible with xp, tried compatability etc
Just curious have you read this ? Linkage

i have found and downloaded a modified driver offering xp support E-mail me and i will forward it on...make sure i get your E-mail add ps...its 6mb big.
ReC0iL "Colorado rulez man..."...=SPAM yes thanks for the info!!.

gonaads before i posted my original reply i did indeed review those sites listed from you but with patchy success for windows xp using the win2000 driver i thought it best to to delve a little deeper...to which i found a modified driver with a high success rate for xp (Feedback from another forum) which uses the standerd install method which is alot simpler for most users.

Sparky pm me with an address to where you want it sending to:rolleyes:
I still have the modified driver if you want it.But please post your e-mail address to me either below this or pm me.

Will delete it if i hear nothing within a week.

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