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Color ink cartridge draining?


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read the following and tell me if the guy at epson is correct. does all printers out there do this? thanks

Ok, on my Epson CX5400 i have it set in Advanced Printer Options that I
want to only use "Black Ink Only" because I rarely use color. So, I've
printed about 100 pages so far and the ink detection shows that black ink
is about half full but all the color levels are about 3/4 full eventhough
I've never really printed with color. My question is why are the color ink
cartridges dwindling down?

---Thank you for contacting the Epson Connection.

When using black ink only option the printer will still use a small amount
of color ink.
That is because when printer is turned on, it’s checking all the nozzles by
running a little amount of ink. Over time you will notice the change in the
levels of color ink.

Alex P
Epson Connection


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yup it is correct, it all depends how often you turn printer on/off as it cleans em then, as well as how many pages you print as it often clears before/during/after printing depending on usage.


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If anyone is interested...... try www.ssclg.com/epsone ( yes Epson with an "E" !)
This allows comprehensive Epson printers cleaning options unavailable on the printer properties, including cleaning the colour and black cartridges separately to save ink.
For what it's worth I keep the power switch on my printer off so it does not do a head clean every time I turn my PC on (like 5 times a day). I turn the printer on just to print. Also make sure you don't turn the printer off before it is done running self test or parking the ink cartridges after a print. The cartridge will dry out if you do since the heads won't be sealed..

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