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Collage Software


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Hi I'm looking for some good collage software. I want about 600 photos to be automatically shrunk and made into a collage (so it can fit good on A3) size.

I don't want to do it on photoshop it would take for ever. I tried searching on google and tried that photomix but it can't cope with 600 photos lol.

If you got any free suggestions please say, thanks :)


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I have never found any good programs to do this. I myself have always used photoshop, but that's what I do. I did a new search for these programs and can't find anything. I think your out of luck. Use Photomix or photoshop.


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Ahhh all them layers will be a nightmare. Also what’s a good size to shrink them down to? Good job I have a batch image resize software.
Hmm 600 pictures? On A3 paper that measn each one will be about 0.6"x0.6". They are going to be illegible. Even if you only use 200 pictures they will still only be 1 inch square which means about all you'll be able to recognize is face portrait. Which will work ok if this is a yearbook project. But 600? Ain't gonna happen.


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The free trial watermarks it when you export, and Leejend the software managed it fine, it did make the images really small but it looked cool just how I wanted it.
Google Picasa or Irfanview won't do it? Not that I've looked, but they're small programs to download and a good place to start.

I do know that Paint Shop Pro (or whatever it's called now) has batch conversion that serves that function.


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Might try the TBYB version of Photoslate, it comes with ACDSee. You can create the layout with the dimensions for each image you need to fit 600 on the A3 size. When you select the images, it will auto populate (or you can choose where each picture goes) and auto shrink the images to fit the tiny dimensions. Also, you save the collage as a single pic. IIRC, the TBYB version of ACDSee is a full version with a time limit.
A company called Galleria software makes a very easy to use "Collage Maker 2" that I have used many times. They offer a free trial without watermarks.


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Actually Photoshop can reduce a whole batch of photos very easily using the Contact Sheet function. If you go down the File menu it's under Automate. You can dictate the size of the page you want, number of images per page and resolution. If you have them all in one folder, it will create as many "contact sheets" as needed to use all of the images.

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