Coldest AMD processer


21 Jun 2002
i am making my mini system and it has very little airflow because of the case. not i am making a duct mod for a direct air draw for the cpu but untill then i have an arowflow hsf on it and i still run at like 70, it is an amd barton 2500, if possable i would like to stick with it and cool it better but i am not too sure how so i am looking for the coolest amd processer that is somewhat good. anyone got any ideas here is a pic of the room i have to go with


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would a sp97 fit in there..that wud keep it cool

if not

y not try the mobile chips they run cooler dont they
Gary Pandher said:
would a sp97 fit in there..that wud keep it cool

if not

y not try the mobile chips they run cooler dont they
mobile chips also run different voltages to attain those temps ;)
Gary Pandher said:
is a different voltage a problem?...
well, yes. you'd have to get a motherboard and psu that support those voltages...and those probably aren't easy to come by.
Duct mod will only make it worse.

Cut a hole in the case right over the CPU HSF and put a grill on it.

Then cut an exhaust hole in that same chamber (right side wall may work) and put an 80 mm fan blowing out. Or is that an exhaust fan at the top right of the picture, its too blurry to tell.

What does the MB temp sensor say?

A Barton 2500 is one of the cooler AMD chips unless you want to use a Duron. The Barton 2500 has low heat for a power chip and larger die area.

Did you use arctic sliver to mount the HSF instead of the POS thermal Pad?

Was it running 70C when the cover was off?
i use AC3 for my thermal compound and the temps were witht eh cover on. but i made somewaht a cust mod out of plexy glass but it is loud as hell. i am running the stock HSF at about 46 now but i want it quiet, anouther call for help from ntfs is waht is a good large CFM fan that is 40mm, ????
I doubt if you have room for it in there but the big squirrel cage fans are much quieter.

Any fan can be significantly "quieted" by slowing it down about 15% without losing much cooling. A speed controller module or put a 5 OHM, 5 watt resistor in series with the +12V line. Radio shack has soem big ceramic 10 ohm resistors for $1.49 USD. I put 2 in parallel to get the 5 ohms and they don't even run warm. If you're happy with those results you can spend the $'s for a speed controller (or keep the resistors).

If you just want to go for a new fan look for one with low rpms 6000 is horrible, 5200 is offensive, 4200 is annoying, 3500 is tolerable. But make sure it moves about the same CFM of air. Thats going to be hard to come by with a 40mm mounting pattern.

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