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coding or design

ok. i have a preatty solid knowledge of C. i also have a preatty solid knowledge of design (css, flash, photoshop, and such). now is the time in my life where i want to choose one and focus on it.

what do you prefer and why?

thanks guys.

should i do a poll?
design or coding?


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I thought about that too since I was alright at both but I picked programming since I'm not that artistically creative and I don’t mind writing or checking code its fun to me.

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for me i would choose designing. i like designing very much myself ( but i suck at it ) and i think whole days programming will drive you nuts if you do not really like it
I am still trying to keep both of them going, I think my programming is better than my designing, but I think you always have to focus on both. Especially the HCI kind of stuff. Like for example I now try to not use black text on a white bg cause its harder for dyslexic people to read, use a more cream colour instead of white actually makes it easier for them to read the document.
I went down the programming route - but there is 1 thing to bare in mind here - you can design until the cows come home but your only as good as the programming language you know sooo, if like me all you do is program Assembler your pretty much fooked after a while if you wanna move into another Job.

You should be OK with C though, but already there is C, C++, C#, Visual C++ etc...


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C# is more java then C.

Visual C++ is MS's **** to make it feel like VB.

C++/C are the languages i know.

I know the following as well:


C, C++, PHP, python, TCL, perl, qbasic, vb, basic
i think im going with programming because I can f*** with more stuff. really I think im the programming type because I hate design. i think self-expression is GREAT, but i couldnt self-express my way out of a paper bag. ;-)

it trully is up to opinion, so anyone else with the same problem. do what you can stand the most.

program straight for a day and design for a day. which ever makes you want to kill yourself more is the one to stay away from.

by the by.
c is fine. but in addition assembly or java?
Originally posted by punkandacoke

by the by.
c is fine. but is addition assembly or java?
Addition??? Do you mean C++ (Pronounced C Plus Plus).

C++ is the Object Oriented version of C. And i'll be buggered if im explaining that.



I think that depends on how creative and how artsy you are. I prefer design over coding, but it all depends on your personality and which one will make you happy.


Who's going to come out with Cb??? (well, imagine a subscript 'b'_...

oh forget it

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