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coding music


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
TY Glaanie - trying that now - but grappling with the firefox "open" dialog and trying to make it use foobar! Technology is sometimes not so relaxing!
[edit] copied link - pasted to playlist - chilling now TY.... :cool: [/Edit] ... nice 256 feed for laptop, TY again
I listen to trancesphere.com as they specialize in trance/progressive and some chill-out.

I know the guys, I used to host their website adn they give me access to their ftp server so I can get all their mp3s :D

Cool deal if you ask me.


Electronica Addict
Political User
I don't really have a specific kind of music I listen to while coding...just the usual stuff I listen to which ranges from Rock to Hip Hop to Electonic. Basically anything minus Pop/Country/Metal.
I listen to my wife streaming a torrent of abuse as to why I said “it will only take five minutes” but actually ends up taking two weeks. The bit-stream download “total silence” is the best bet as it contains nothing, or if you want to be cruel and at the same time test for “leaks” download the latest version of AOL (is it version120.004B by now?) and see if you programme still works!

If you’re on a programming “roll” so to speak and are madly typing numerous line of code between midnight and six in the morning then you need to go and work for a game company as this seems to be where all the best programmers reside that have not been trained properly.

Or write device drivers and listen to Eva Casidy.

:) :) :)

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