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klite codec pack only installs codecs you are ever likely to need: xvid, divx, mpeg2, ogg,ac3, a few mixers/amps and a couple media players oh and the intel video codecs, all of which are optional.

So in short do not install ffdshow for reason I stated in another post and install klite codec pack.


Blame me for the RAZR's
with other codec packs i have had lots of problems but as lordofla said klite streamlines only basic codects you need. and the mega pack gives you quicktime and realtime alternatives. I still have not had any problems with this codect pack as long as you unistall what you allready have first and i have installed it on allllot of comps. I dont think its bad advice and a easier fix for someone who doesnt know alot about codects. But everyone is entitled to there own opinon. :) i stick by my decision though.


Blame me for the RAZR's
Maybe I'm just jaded because of bad experiences with the Nimo codec pack back in the day.
ick i used that messed thinsg up.. i would agree on nimo. hehe went from nimo to k-lite and no problems since.

one other thing klite is updated somewhat reguarly. So for a novice this is nice as well.

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