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CoD WaW disconnect my network


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I am running CoD WaW on x64 vista using a WRG614V7 router. when i enter a server it works great for the length that i want to play on that server. but if i leave the game(leave the server i was playing on) and go to another server i receive an error Server Authentication failed. happens to any server i play on.

If i close the game and open IE i notice my network connection is gone. not only that but my enter network goes down. i have to reboot the router to get my internet back. i can join and disconnect any other game aka CoD4.

I have port forward all the ports i could find on this game and still the same result. does anyone have any clue what could be happening? I am at wits end and ready break the router over my knee....


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Have you attempted to upgrade the firmware for the router? That is, if there is an updated firmware available.

Also, if possible, turn of universal plug and play on your router, known as upnp, it was known to cause issues on my home network with a Linksys router. Some of the routers are known to have issues with many outgoing connections all at once, mostly related to torrenting, I am not sure what the connection pattern is for Call of Duty, but that could be an issue as well.

Start with the firmware upgrade, then turn of upnp.

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