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CNPS9500 LED mounting problem

I just bought a CNPS9500 HS+fan (CNPS9500 LED) for my dual core P4, but it doesn't seem to fit on my mobo (board)
Is there any way to make it fit or is there a different HS+fan you would recommend?
(I bought the CNPS9500 becuase it runs cool and quiet)


The One and Only
are you using the correct retention clip with the provided mounting bracket for the P4?

now that i look at the board..... does the CNPS9500 support BTX motherboards? doesn't really look like it to me. those holes for the bracket look WAAY too far apart for the provided bracket to fit.
yeah, the holes are really far apart, do you know of any other HS+fans that I could actually use, or if there's a way to get a different mounting set for the CNPS9500?


The One and Only
i haven't really looked into BTX coolers (mostly due to the fact that the BTX form factor isn't very common, especially in stand-alone motherboards. BTX is mostly used in name-brand computers at the moment, such as Dell)

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