CNPS7000A-AlCu VS CNPS7000A-Cu Which is better?

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Hi there
I am thinking of upgrading from my thermalright SLK 800A as it sits at idle at 50 deg C and i refuse to get a noisier fan for it :)
I am thinking of getting either the the zalman CNPS7000A-AlCu or its all copper bigger brother.
Some reviews i have read say go for teh ALCU as its cheaper and lighter with very little difference in cooling what do you lot think ???
Cheers :)


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the all copper one (CU... not the alloy) is better since Cu conducts heat better than an AlCu alloy (aluminium/copper combo)

however the overall difference should not be that great in performance... the AlCu should be more than adequate for your needs...

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The reason I am upgrading is because i have sucessfully overcolcked my barton 2500+ 333fsb to 3200+ 400 fsb glitch free without having to change the voltage (though it may change itself as its on a automatic setting i seem to recall)
I understand that cu is a better conducter than AlCu but will it matter in the realworld?


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Check the thermal resistance number on the web site. Its in units of deg C/W.

Multiply that number by the heat generated by your cpu (where you have it overclocked at I would guess about 80W for the CPU) and add it to your case temperature in degrees C. That tells you how hot the CPU will get. Then do the same for the HSF you have now and see if the new one will really be better.

WARNING: DO not expect the computed numbers to match what you actually get in your system. The surface area of the CPU die changes the deg C/W significantly between Barton and Tbred and you don't know which chip they based their number on.

If the numbers are within a few degrees of each other go for the AlCu. It will be less likely to sheer the plastic clips off your CPU socket and trash your CPU and MB (happened to a friend of mine).

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Right My Cooler Thermalright SLK 800A (based on value from dansdata) (0.46 c/w)
So (0.46 x 80) + 25 = 61 deg C not seen it quite this high but maybe peak encoding

Now Zalman AlCu (0.29 x 80) + 25 = 48.2 deg C (silent mode)
(0.22 x 80) + 25 = 42.6 deg C (normal mode)

All Cu
(0.27 x 80) + 25 = 46.6 deg C (silent mode)
(0.20 x 80) + 25 = 41 deg C (normal mode)

Cheers LeeJend !
Looks like a winner if the value for my oldheat sink was right and it does not seem worth getting the all Cu version either better to save money and have a safe light heatsink (it does mount to the motherboard but still best to be safe)


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I looked at the zalman web site. The .22 deg C/W seemed too low. I think that number applies to P4 chips that have the large heat spreader which improves heat flow into the HSF base. The temperatures may be higher with the Barton.

The .46 deg C/W looks high for the thermalright. Probably tested with a Tbred chip.

Let us know how the actual temps turn out. Always looking for a new, quieter HSF.
not specific to your topic, but i have your same set up (minus the Ram), what settings did you use to overclock? i just did the FBS to get to 2800+, and it wont boot if i try to go past it.

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dubstar i set the front side bus to 400 and just changed the multiplier. You can only do this if you have an unlocked barton

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Right just an update went for the zalman CNPS7000A-AlCu over the solid copper one the lighter weight and less wallet harm sold me to the AlCu one. I must say I am extreamly pleased with it ! :) its very very very quiet and on its top speed is not that loud to be noticed once you are playing music or making noise of some variety ;)
Now for the crunch my cpu idel temperature is now in the LOW 30s!! ranges from 31-35 bear in mind my chip is OVERCLOCKED :) The best thing is a friend has got the offical 3200+ and £100 of aluminium coolermaster case and his chip stil runs hotter than mine at over 40 dec C :) Shows that the collermaster silly areo fans are useless!
So I recommend anybody looking for a new heat sink and fan to go for this one, the best thing is it fit P4, AthlonXP and Athlon64.
is your case ventilation up to the job ? if theres only 1 or 2 fans in there, you may be getting heat build up in the case, offseting the heatsink ability to shift the heat.

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GoNz0 = eh? I was saying this is a very good coller my temps are lower than a friends cpu which is not overclocked and was hence recommending the heatsink.........
unless your friends got the EXACT same setup as you, who's to know how accurate the temp diode is, point proven when i use my chip and my heatsink in my room on a mates PC who brought it round with a temp problem. 15 degree's diffrence, so your mates pc temps are irrelivent.

sorry for trying to help and all that. :rolleyes:

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Sorry GoNzo did not mean to bite your head off :) He has the exact same morherboard as me so it fairly likely they will be accurate i know my temperate is not far off as i am using a digidoc temperature probe aswell :)

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