CNC Generals = SLOW


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10 Feb 2003
I don't know about you guys but when I go out and spend $400 or there abouts on a reasonable video card I expect it to run current games graphically maxed out with no problem. I've been having some trouble with CNC Generals, my framerate plummets halfway through a game and I end up getting pissed off and exiting. I can understand some slow down with 8 players on there battling it out with all those models loaded, but we are talking about on average 2FPS! Tested on multiple maps.

Graphic levels set to HIGH (they were at custom, with everything maxed)
I used to play it over my LAN before maxed out with no problems a few months ago, I don't know what's happened. Any suggestions would be of great help.

Complete system specs listed below, I should have no problem with this game its ridiculous.

AMD Athlon 2100+ TB (stock clocks)
Micron PC2100 768mb RAM
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (stock clocks)

Omega 2514's (currently using)
ATI Cats 4.3's (also very slow)
Windows XP SP1 (issue was present)
Windows XP SP2 RC1 (still present)
Directx 9.0b
CNC Generals ZH 1.02

No other significant applications that could affect video card or game performance installed. No other games have this problem, tested on Max Payne 2, Call of Duty, Farcry, Prince of Persia...
I was in error its 1.02 for CNC Generals: Zero Hour. The current version of Generals shouldn't affect ZH I doubt.
Probably something in the Advanced Settings of Display Properties...maybe you have something set a little too high. Or Fast Writes could be on.

Just a couple of ideas.
EH??? i thought *fast* writes improved system performance
fast write has some serious issue and doesn't seem to work the way its suppose to all the time. Basically if it works for you than leave it on but if your having stupid problems like in this thread than its worth trying to turn it off.
I used to have problems with them back when i had my geforce cards so disabled it, but with my ati 9800 it works fine with them on although i have not tried benchmarking with them on and off though
I've been thinking about any changes I had made to my video setup and I think maybe my dual display could be affecting performance. Makes perfect sense now that I think about it, now I just gotta figure out how to disable the other display easily while playing games.

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