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CMOS Problem


I am what I am
Hello guys,

I have been building up a computer for me and I'm going thru a problem. When I boot the computer, the bios starts, I see the cpu speed and memory check and everything. It seems normal. But the screen after, there is the problemem. It was written : CMOS problem or w/e. So I checked the CMOS jumper and they werent in the good position. so I replaced them and I booted again. Now, I have an error saying that the CMOS battery low. I then get 2 options : F1 to run Setup or F2 to load defaults values and continue. I don,t know why but either if I press F1 or F2, nothing happens ... maybe its because of my wireless kb ... sorry I dont have a wired one to try out. There is also a number at the bottom right of the screen : 85. Thanks alot, again

edit: Now I get the error CMOS settings wrong.

what can I do ?!


I am what I am
Its a brand new mobo, but the guy who I bought it had it for a year or so. the mobo is a SuperMicro 370DLE dual socket, running with 1 proc p3 800.

The CMOS battery ... where is it. I see the round-shaped one, but I think its the mobo battery...

EDIT : Ok I found out that the CMOS batt it the round shaped. I tested it and it was ok ...
Supermicro reports error 85 as this:

85 The memory size check is done. Displaying a soft error
and checking for a password or bypassing WINBIOS
Setup next.


I am what I am
btw, i just realized I couldn't enter the bios .... on the waiting screen where I see the memory & processor, I see the WAIT but even if I press del several times, nothing happens ....

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