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Club Bouncer Riddle...


I may actually be insane.
Seems people like riddles, so here's another, this one's a bit easier and there's no real clues that can be given..

The Club Bouncer
Down a back street in a large city, there's a very selective club, to get in you must first knock on the door then when questioned by the bouncer, reply with the correct answer.

Knowing this, Jack, who wanted to get into the club but was not 'in' on the secret question, waited close by, but out of sight so that he may listen to what responses the bouncer was given. Some time passed and Jack managed to hear the following two conversations:

Guy1: *knock knock*
Bouncer: 12
Guy1: 6!
The guy was then let in with no more being said.

Guy2: *knock knock*
Bouncer: 6
Guy2: 3!
Again, the guy was let in without further exchange of words.

Jack, thinking he knew what was going on, decided to take his chance, he walked up to the door, knocked in the same manner as those before and was promptly presented with the bouncer saying "ten" to which Jack confidently replied "five", much to Jacks surprise the bouncer shook his head and closed the small hatch on the door.

What should Jack of said to the bouncer? and why?

1. Don't post the answer here! The answer shall be posted 1 week from today.

2. Send the answer to myself via this form and your name shall be added to this post if your answer is correct.

3. There are no real clues that can be given (You'll understand when you figure it out) however if you can think of one that doesn't give too much away, you may post this.

Enjoy :p :D

Correct Answers
  1. Khayman
  2. Electronic Punk
  3. Lee
  4. Hybrid
  5. Nick

Warning The answer has been posted later in this thread, if you wish to view the answer, click here


I think I have the answer, just double checking all possibilities, seems like there could be 20 of them.


I may actually be insane.
Electronic Punk said:
Can you take a pizza into the club?
If you know the answer to the bouncers question... and let him have a slice, yes.

Lee said:
I think I have the answer, just double checking all possibilities, seems like there could be 20 of them.
Yeah, I didn't really think about it until now, but with the answer there are still a few reasons as to why you can reach that answer. heh :)


must be standard deviation, there are loads of possibilities, I know speedy got this off the pokemon forums.
Have another answer.

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