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Close call with Artic Silver III

I am sitting at work and kinda bored so I decided to cruise over to articsilver.com to check out the Artic Silver III Thermal Compund. Upon reading the instructions I was stunned. The very first precaution it showed was not to put the compound into your mouth. If I had not been bored enough to look at the instruction page there could have been some serious problems. Thank goodness for slow days at work. It may just have saved my life :)

For all of you out there that have been thinking of putting Artic Silver in your mouth, PLEASE DO NOT DO IT.

(However, it does not say what will actually happen so now my curiousity is sparked)
Probably nothing they are just trying to make sure they don't get a law suite against them if somebody gets poisoned from it.

I guess I should stop using it as a sandwich spread then?


why the hell would anyone need to put a thermal compund in their mouth?

does it taste nice ?

*me curious now*
It really just struck me as odd that the first thing about precautions was to keep it out of the mouth. I am sure that young children would probably put it in their mouth if given the chance but do they really think that those same young children could read the warning to know any better? I guess it is about the same as the McDonalds coffee cups saying that the contents inside are hot.
Yeah, these warnings are really getting annoyingly stupid.

"Don't dry animals in the microwave." *duh*

I have some really good somewhere, I just can't find them. :(

So what's next? Front doors with a sign on the inside:
"Don't open this door unless you are wearing clothes"?

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