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Cloning to Network Location without using a Floppy

Is it possible using either Drive Image or Norton Ghost to image to/from a network share without requiring a boot floppy?

I know the floppy is required as it contains the drivers for your network card and the details of the network location but is there a way to use a CD or some sort of virtual boot disk instead?

I tried just copying the files that Drive Image made for a bootable floppy to a blank CD but the computer just ignored the disk and continued loading windows.

Any ideas?



- geek -
Don't quote me on this but i think you can make a bootable cd w/ either ghost or drive image.

-edit- In look a little looks like w/ Drive Image the cd for the program is used as a boot disc and will allow you to choose an image from there.

The CD which contains the software to install drive image also acts as an emergence boot disk in the event you can't start your system.

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