Clocks go forward.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Listen here frog. I hope that one less hour gives you more wrinkles. :p

That's if your silly like the rest of us doing that damn daylight saving.

Humbug, you want an extra light?? Get up an hour earlier & let the rest of us sleep. :p :p

This is turning into one long morning. :(


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somehow i always am near a radio the day before a time change.
the days are getting longer, always a nice thing.
its so easy to wake up for school when the suns up.

i wonder if the same applies to waking up for work.
the weekend is one hour shorter - good thing friday and monday are holidays... it's nice to have 2 days extra to get used to the time change...


Can undertsand why clocks change by a hour in Midlands to South of the U.K. 
but it should be 30 minutes in the North of the U.K.

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