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Cloaking My True i.p.?



how do i cloak my true ip? my friend said to do some proxy thing but he wouldnt tell me how..

so can someone please help me out?
Who are you trying to cloak it from is the big question, You can always find a proxy server that does not forward IP's and that will mask your IP from WEBPAGES ONLY..and thats only if the webpage is on port 80, any type of activity like ftp or such would show your ip

It would be alot more beneficial of you to just get a firewall and not worry about cloaking your ip if your deathly afraid someone is going to try and hack you or something

And depending what you do, you expose your IP alot..any type of file sharing app exposes your ip, ftp, telnet, direct connect IM's

so who ya hiding from :)


stupid friends that try to get my ip so they can do something to my computer or some crap i dunno. plus my provider is hella stupid and sells ips

+plus im just paranoid about my comps security
I prefer Norton, but Zone Alarm is very good also, and if you are on a dialup connection you get a different IP everytime your dial in

As for your ISP ebing stupid, almost all ISP offer Static IP's for one price or another, static meaning it always stays the same, which would basically being the same as selling them :)


zone alarm is a ho lol. it doesnt let me connect to mirc or direct connect on aim or anything. sux butt.


Do not put you zonealarm at Max protection on the Local section of Security Put it to Medium and Internet to High might help your connection to the programs like Mirc and others.


You can also set ZAPro to prompt you to allow/deny an application access to the internet. If you set this, you'll get prompted the first time you run mIRC, IE, etc, etc. Then you just check "Always allow this app".


Zone alarm...

Should be able to allow those programs to access your connection. I have also seen many cases where when the internet portion of zone alarm (under security) is set to high, the host will not be able to connect. I would imagine everything times out due to the latency created by ZA. This does not happen in every case, so it may be something on the individual hosts. For the most part, changing the security from "high" to "low" (this will also change local security to low) will allow the host to regain access. Also, if you are planning on uninstalling ZA, read the information located on their site. If it does not get removed correctly, you could have major problems down the road (I believe it is related to truevector being left behind...I think it's truevector). In any case there are several steps to ensure that it was removed correctly. The following link outlines the steps that have to be taken in Win XP.



Maybe you should look for new friends

If they keep wanting to do something with your IP, they are probably lamers who sent you a file with a trojan. If you don't have antivirus, get it and do a scan or go to one of those sites that does a free scan. Why am I posting this message. What a waste of time. Yeah I shouldn't have posted this.

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