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Client Side Caching folder question


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi all,

.net framework install enabled the offline folder option on one of my mapped drives. Now my client side cache (C:/WINDOWS/CSC) folder has ballooned to 40gigs, can I delete all contents of this CSC folder? I think that I should be able to?

Just would like to double check.

Thanks in advance,

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Overclocked Like A Mother
A google search turns up that I have to go about deleting these files a certain way, but I think that's for Win2000, I have XPPro.

Can anyone give me a heads up on how to get rid of these files within the CSC folder.

Thanks in advance,



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  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Tools -> Folder Options
  3. "Offline Files" tab
  4. Uncheck "Enable Offline Files" and reboot.
  5. Delete everything in C:\WINDOWS\CSC, but not the directory itself
You should be able to delete all but 1-2 files. I believe there is also an option in there to limit the amount of space the cache should be able to use as well.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Thanks KC,

That's what I figured, but never hurts to double check.

Instant weight loss program, from 48.7gigs to 7.02gigs. Now off to the temp folders I go.

Since I am on the subject of weight loss, is there any other folders that I can empty in the C:/WINDOWS folder?




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You should avoid the Hiddent $KBxxxx folders, because those are un-installation folders for Microsoft Hotfixes.

I would say the only other folders safe to empty are C:\WINDOWS\PREFETCH and C:\WINDOWS\TEMP

The prefetch folder is just as good to leave alone, as depending on how your machine is setup it can speed up load times for Windows, Applications, or both - as well as the files in it don't take up much space.


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Not sure what you mean by re-initialize, does that mean it turns the Enable Offline Files back on, without having to go into the options? Does it still require a reboot?


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What he means by re-initialize is the offline files should not go above the size that is configured in the offline files when it does you may need to re-initialize (windows will delete old copy and start a new copy)

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