Client Side Caching folder question


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8 Jul 2002
Hi all,

.net framework install enabled the offline folder option on one of my mapped drives. Now my client side cache (C:/WINDOWS/CSC) folder has ballooned to 40gigs, can I delete all contents of this CSC folder? I think that I should be able to?

Just would like to double check.

Thanks in advance,

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A google search turns up that I have to go about deleting these files a certain way, but I think that's for Win2000, I have XPPro.

Can anyone give me a heads up on how to get rid of these files within the CSC folder.

Thanks in advance,

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Tools -> Folder Options
  3. "Offline Files" tab
  4. Uncheck "Enable Offline Files" and reboot.
  5. Delete everything in C:\WINDOWS\CSC, but not the directory itself
You should be able to delete all but 1-2 files. I believe there is also an option in there to limit the amount of space the cache should be able to use as well.
Thanks KC,

That's what I figured, but never hurts to double check.

Instant weight loss program, from 48.7gigs to 7.02gigs. Now off to the temp folders I go.

Since I am on the subject of weight loss, is there any other folders that I can empty in the C:/WINDOWS folder?


You should avoid the Hiddent $KBxxxx folders, because those are un-installation folders for Microsoft Hotfixes.

I would say the only other folders safe to empty are C:\WINDOWS\PREFETCH and C:\WINDOWS\TEMP

The prefetch folder is just as good to leave alone, as depending on how your machine is setup it can speed up load times for Windows, Applications, or both - as well as the files in it don't take up much space.
Right on, Thanks,

With the WINDOWS folder down to 1.3gigs, it feels better.

You can also reinitialise this cache by holding down shift+ctrl when you click delete files.
Not sure what you mean by re-initialize, does that mean it turns the Enable Offline Files back on, without having to go into the options? Does it still require a reboot?
What he means by re-initialize is the offline files should not go above the size that is configured in the offline files when it does you may need to re-initialize (windows will delete old copy and start a new copy)

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