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[Client Design] Elusive

Hey guys, been a while since I've been here. Having a convo with LordOfLA on MSN, and he encouraged me to post my latest client design work on here for feedback.

The website is for a soon to come UK Bhangra group known as Elusive. They'll be appearing in the UK Bhangra scene this summer with a 12 track album called Exhibit A (I've got to hear the full 12 tracks as they stand! :D)

Based on this, and what they've told me for requirements, I'll be starting work on the actual site as of the 8th of this month. For now though, the splash page is up for viewing. You can also listen to their album intro as well as download it.

Website: Elusive
Thanks a lot guys. I'm thinking of posting the whole project as a WIP, with screenshots during each phase, but not too sure, might spoil the surprise concept I have in mind. ;)
I only have one complaint. The music is loaded with the page, and plays in the background. Maybe embed the music in flash so it loads seprately, can be a better bitrate, and stoppable without closing the browser...

If you do not know flash, I would be open to teaching you, or giving you a flash file to look at and see how it works. An audio based flash file is the most simple thing ever... even easier than html.
The official promo track has been released!! A redesign has been made for the site splash, and the promo track can be heard, in streaming format. Check it out!

All feedback will be appreciated once again. :)
Could be just my work PC - but all I got are two images in center of screen that I can barely see, a slow load time - and one working link that prompts me to open or save a .zip file.

Again, don't be alarmed, could be my work PC...
LordOfLA - In that case, I'm sorry to break the news that Resilient-Reborn will soon be undergoing a 'Rebirth' ;) lol

Mastershakes - Not too sure, it shouldn't look or load like that lol. Seems to be fine for everyone I've shown so far.

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