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Clicking on a html file freezes then opens.



When I click on a html file that is on my desktop or in a folder, the folder I am in will freeze and will say Not responding but in about 30 seconds it will finally unfreeze and open up the page in Internet Explorer. It does not happen every time but most of the time it does. I have even reloaded xp again and it still does it. Has anybody else had this problem and know how to fix it?

Does it do this for every HTML file or just a certain one? If a file is trying to connect somewhere for too long, it will say Not Responding even though it really is, it's just XP not "knowing" that it is.


Well I do web design and after I make a page and I click on it to view it in Internet Explorer it usually does this on every file. Also If I have a link in Internet Explorer that I click to open an external program it will also freeze for about 30 seconds and then finally open the program. Any idea what causes this?

I do web design too (scripts, mostly) and sometimes will write some "bad" code that will cause the browser to behave sluggishly, but apparently that's not the issue here.

Do you get any weird errors in your event log? The best way to see is to clear the log and see if anything appears after you open the browser.

Does the browser freeze if you just open explorer without going to a page (setabout:blank as your start page)? If not, try entering the link from there. Does it freeze now?

Let me know, I'm curious now.


opening a file through internet explorer works just fine and I can click Internet Explorer and it will start up just right every time. It is just when I click an html file that ive saved or just made. Clicking on a link in Internet Explorer to an external program freezes up some times and then finally opens the program. I looked in Dr Watson error log but had no errors. Is there another log I can view?

Maybe it is a problem with internet explorer or XP having problems with file associations.

Thanks for the help.
You can use the Event Viewer in the Admin tools of your start menu or type "eventvwr.exe" at the run prompt. This is so on XP Pro, not sure about the "home" version.

At any rate, your associations could be "off". Check them out and if it doesn't look right, try resetting them. You might have to associate HTML files with a bogus prog and then back to Explorer to get XP to reset the association. To get to the associations panel, go to control panel->folder options. Go to the "file types" tab (not sure if this is exact, using win2k at work right now). There should be an advanced tab you can go to.

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