cleartype sux, is there anyone that has used it and NOT got headaches from the blurry fonts?

YES i can clearly see that the fonts are smoother and without pixilation, but fair go, your eyes just want to slide off the words..

Verdict: ive tried, disliked and turned off!



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Cleartype is good for laptops, and on flat screen monitors...on my friends normal CRT it gives me headaches so he turned it off, on my viewsonic flat screen it looks much better and no headaches :)


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Directly from Windows XP help:

"Choosing ClearType for your screen fonts makes the words on your computer screen look as smooth as the words on a page. ClearType dramatically improves font resolution, so your existing spreadsheets, word processing documents, and Web pages display with crystal clarity. ClearType is intended for display on flat screen monitors, so it is ideal for portable computers and other flat screen devices. ClearType may appear slightly blurry on desktop computer monitors that do not have a flat screen."

You should use standard font smoothing if you wish to improve its look using your monitor. I'm using ClearType on a virtually flat monitor, and I love it.



i use cleartype on my home desktop computer, regular monitor (no LCD) and i love it!! the fonts look soo much.....smoother!! as catch32 said, the fonts don't look edgy, i LOVE font smoothing!!

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