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19 Feb 2003

My pocketpc seems to be showing reminders twice for the same event. I've check and only one event is listed. I want to clear the calendar on the pocketpc and then re-sync with my computer. Anyone know how to do this?

This happened after I restored the device due to a dead battery. (I have an HP iPAQ h5550 in case you need to know)

How are the things showing on your PC calendar?

Since everything is synced, may want to just whipe the phone and re-sync it. Other than that, you'd have to go through on the phone itself and delete duplicates.
Well thats the thing, there are no duplicates. I'll wait for the next alert to popup. Which should be today, to remind me to watch House.
Hmm, seems the latest alert only showed up once. I will have to keep an eye out now.

I'd still like to clear the calendar if anyone knows how. This is a PDA and not a cell phone. Reseting it isn't really an option as I don't feel like reinstalling all the software and putting it back the way I like it.
Do you use a third party calendar/contact manager? If so, in the options, you should be able to select to delete all calendar or contacts. I haven't used the resident manager for so long, I cannot remember if they have an options folder.

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