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I had a great program to clean up my pc mess, registry, shortcuts and more stuff i can't remember...
I formated and I dont have the installation and i cant remember the name of the program.. i think it is a german comapny...

if anyone know it, please tell me the name...

If not, please recomend me any good software for cleaning...


Negatives were it screwed up norton antivirus, it deleted serious files it was using and you kept having to uninstall and reinstall it.

Or magic tweak? That cleans up quite good.

Or reg cleaner? from


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I don't trust any of those all in one programs. It can't possibly do everything it claims to do well. And if it did everything it claims to do well, it'd cost alot more than $39.99
I had the same opinion as you Dreamliner about the all-in-one suites, but I have to admit, Tune-Up Utilities 2004, does a good job. I am a little uneasy about using the One Click Maintenance feature, but the individual modules do a very decent job. Try it-you might like it.


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I use a couple of them actually .. This tun-up is nice - It makes it posible to do all the things you would normally do by just selecting them in the program itself. It saves you from having to go through a ton of clicks to get to it .. You could say they are shortcuts, this is unlike any other program like this I have used before ..
The best one out there in my opinion is Evidence Eliminator, but here lately I've been using CyberScrub "Take it for a spin"
and check out the "groovy" guy telling you all about it. Here are the ones I use, and as scary and obsessive as it may seem I use them almost daily. And I know some of you other experts here do the same except Johnny who reformats C:\ drive three or four times a day. :rolleyes: (Its all good Johhny)

PC Cleaners
Evidence Eliminator
Window Washer

Registry Cleaners
RegCleaner 4.3

Spyware Cleaners
SpyBot S&D
Spyware Remover
SpywareBlaster (helps prevent spyware) ?


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Evidence Eliminater is good also, but it is kinda intrusive .. I like to use east-tec as well - it works good as a disk scrubber ..

Also - I do not format drive c three or four times a day.. I do however reformat every six months whether the pc needs it or not. With doing it this way I never have a prob ;) Maybe some other people should try the same :)