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clean install


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i want to do a clean install but i have 26gb of mp3s and mpegs. i don't want to burn 5 dvd back ups if i don't have to. is there another solution other than dual HDs? maybe some type of compression? i really doubt there is but i am hoping.


I'm sorry Hal...
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You could use something like partition magic, create a new partition and put all your mp3s/mpegs in there then format the main partition


I'm sorry Hal...
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You could move it back again, then delete the partition. Although i'm no expert with partitions, or partition magic, you might want to check. or someone who knows it more can post


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i don't have enough space left on my HD to make a partition that would fit the files. i thought i could just split the drive up and put folders where i want but i guess that's not the case.


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I'd use partiton magic to make that partition and put all the crap on there. Install to the new C: partition and DON"T merge them back. This way you can just reinstall XP anytime you want and not worry again.
And that would work if he had the room which he doesn't.

Compression won't work because MP3 and Video is already compressed (so are most programs these days).

Get a 5 pack of RW DVD's and make backups. When your power supply or HD fries you'll be damn happy you did. Then make a seperate data partition like Dreamliner said. It'll save you a lot of trouble next clean install.


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HMMMmmmm the price of HD's now it is a close call whether he would not be better off with another one in the long run though! Sounds like a 40GB would suit, see what you can get cheapest in that size (although I suspect you may as well go for 80 anyway)

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