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Clean install of XP question...

i have a friend who just ordered a 'puter. it has been shipped with no os (as he requested). he already has a copy of winxp pro and wants to install this on his new machine.

what are the necessary steps he needs to take in order to load xp onto the empty hdd?

can he simply pop in the cd-rom? or will he need an xp boot disk (floppy or cd)?


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make sure in bios he has CDrom in boot sequency before the HDD else it will look for the os on the floppy/hdd and then cd rom..

once you have changed sequency around... plop in the boot cd and you are good to go :)


If he cant get the PC to boot from the CD-ROM drive, on microsofts windowsxp site are two downloads that create a floppy disk set of install disks, 6 to be exact, it worls just like the CD install, but allows you to bootup from floppy if the motherboard doesnt support CD booting. One is for XP Home Edition the other for XP Pro.


since it's a new puter it should have the 'boot from CD' feature in BIOS, but good advice all the same $tUy_B just in case...

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