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Clean install of Vista using upgrade?


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I just saw this on THG:

""I have the Business upgrade version of Vista, and my frustration with this was that on first installation there was a driver related problem which crashed the machine rendering XP and Vista un-bootable. I obviously then reformatted the drive and began again to install vista. The upgrade key will not allow a fresh install! You have to install XP again first, no simple "please enter XP license that you are upgrading from." I reloaded XP, tried again, same problem, crashed on reinstall. So I tried again with a fresh install of Vista, if you don't insert the license key then it will let you continue the install, picking the version that you own a license for. All works fine, loaded, all drivers perfect! Then came to activation, "sorry this license is for an upgrade version." End. More than a little frustrating. So the answer is clear, disable all onboard hardware, sound, network etc, remove all PCI cards, disconnect everything, load XP, upgrade to Vista."

Has anyone else had this kind of problem? Will Vista be able to scan a CD of Windows XP as proof that you're upgrading?

I might be going for an OEM version after all!


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There is no point in buying an upgrade version to be honest. Apparently there is a loophole for the upgrade version if you don't already have a previous version of windows (or have it installed), but it requires you to install vista twice to get a clean install.

I think oem version would be better choice, saves time and costs the same as the upgrade version.


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That's the silliest thing I've ever heard! I'm DEFINITELY going for OEM now!

I can't believe they've done that, how ridiculous to expect regular-formatters to have to install XP every time they want to install Vista.


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Damn how annoying. Might have to try that little tip in 6 months time when Moduslink finally get round to shipping the upgrade discs! :p


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Here is another article from Brian Livingston @ Windows Secrets titled "Get Vista upgrade, Never pay full price". I believe it may explain it more thoroughly!
That method is exactly what I was talking about. You have to install vista twice to get it working - first time just to get an OS on the PC but unactivated, and second time to be able to activate it and use it in a normal manner. What's the point for buying upgrade when you can just buy oem and install just the once???

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