Quoted question: "Who is with what clan here?"

I don't really belong to any clan. I stay away from places that would accept my membership. Oh, also I stay out of places that "pass the hat" around.:D

try counter strike , i got bored of it like after playin it 3 days staight no sleep :) heheh, its fun, team tatics or just go crazy and rush where the T spawn is and cap all those mofos. its a T and ct base game try it
I liked Day Of Defeat 3.0 but I hate my ping, it has even put me off playing Counter-strike atm! <- !!!
Geez! You put me on the clan page when I didn't even know the clan had a page ... sheesh. I'm not totally dead these days, y'know. :p

I still haven't tried DoD b3 yet. I was fairly into DoD for quite some time, especially those couple of weeks they let the Steam closed beta testers have a peek at b2. Heck, I haven't really been playing much C-S lately, either -- this new medication they have me on makes me a bit too loopy for warfare.

Next time we're all conscious at the same time and in the mood to shoot the heck out of each other, gimme a buzz. I've been out of the loop too long -- might even have to work up a new XP-Org spray. I'll even put up with EP whinging about his ping and LW swearing at me in Norwegian.
Originally posted by o_87
Anybody heard of Halo on Xbox? Well, I'm part of a Halo clan called [E] :D

Hmm, I was [e] long before anyone else!

Gnu: :p

I pwn j00.
I have found that DOD is pretty damn graphic intensive for a HL engine game.

Oh and LightWave doesn't really swear, just if you kill him you are a cheater - lol Dan you little muppet :p

Is the new DoD that much more graphically intensive? Heck, I always got better framerates with DoD than I did CS, for some reason.
Yeah, I guess it could be down to my ping again, last time I played it I had broadband... just too scared to get around to trying to getused to it again :)

And it was not camping.. I just rushed up to that window peeked round the corner and you were always there... just asking for it... after about 5 times you found out where I was... camping is where you don't move... ask LightWave about that :)
i am NOT a camper! ;) well sometimes.. u should know its a part of the game sometimes also.. :D u should know better than anybody else EP... that i am NOT a camper!

Maybe we should have fight soon!? ;)
lol wtf u doin this only 2 make me post ! ;) no i have NEVER CHEATED i hate being called one 2.. and u know it so well u freakin dozer muppet! :D
i don't belong to a clan, but i do belong to a large online gaming community.

visit us here! :D
Finally tried DoD b3. Yes, it rocks in mad ways. I'm a bit annoyed by it, since i seem to have the mystery (non-paging) stutter problem, but it's not bad enough to completely hinder my experience.

You guys been keeping up with CPL stuff over the past few days? I've caught a couple of HLTV casts (the ones myg0t didn't DDOS to death) and a few demos -- good action, mate.
Is their any Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge Clan....? I'm still slave to that game..:p...else i'm for Renegade...
I belong to me me me clan ......

that way me only has me to blame when me gets killed.

Originally posted by LightWave
lol wtf u doin this only 2 make me post ! ;) no i have NEVER CHEATED i hate being called one 2.. and u know it so well u freakin dozer muppet! :D

I know you don't cheat mate ;) and it did get you posting :D
I really need to start playing again..

Gnu: Read on CSNation about the CPL stuff, mean't to watch but forgot... might download some good demos tho :)

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