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Citrix User, Outlook 2003 keeps crashing.


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Wow, this is definitely one of the more stranger issues. One of my clients utilizes Citrix as the means to connect to the terminal server so they can access all of their applications. Numerous apps, being as they're an insurance company. We have one user, where everytime she goes to open up Outlook 2003, the application crashes, then you get a popup asking if you want to restart Outlook, and also if you want to send the error report. If you restart Outlook, of course it's going to crash again.

Now typically what I would do would be to reinstall the application... but again, this is only for one user, and it's on a terminal server. We've deleted her profile, and I've tried numerous things such as changing the data file and such, but nothing. Fortunately we were somewhat able to get the user to be able to use the local machine for some of her things, but her email is highly tied in with some of their insurance applications.

Since deleting the profile hasn't resolved this issue, what can be done? And yes, this happens on any machine that you login to using the account.

As always, thanks guys!


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I don't believe it is related to ntdll.dll. And she's an admin on the PC, but I don't see how that would affect anything, I mean it is a remote environment.


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Is there anything in her terminal services / outlook exchange profile (if she is linked into ADS) that looks amiss? Although it sounds as though something profile related might have happened to outlook.

We use citirx here as well, but I've never encountered this problem

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