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This isn't XP specific, but since one of the primo way of using DSL is with Cisco routing modems, here are a couple tweaks I found out of frustration with my service.

I spent a month arguing with Qwest over the phone before they finally realized my DSL did not actually work. This situation only escalated when my first bill was for 800 dollars. (I have no idea how they came up with that, it has since been fixed). Once DSL finally worked, I got a letter explaining that the MINIMUM acceptable signal strength was 18dB. Mine was 16. Of course, when I called them, they had no idea what signal strength even related too, so they just told me it was normal. I obviously needed my own solution.

Cisco line tweak:

With the 675 or 678, telnet in to cbos prompt, and type:
set int wan0 txpower [1-6]

Where the number is how much you want to amplify the signal on your end, 1 being the most, 6 being the least.

I used 'set int wan0 txpower 1' and it increased my signal to 22dB.

There is an additional tweak for 675s, which actually adjusts the remote txpower (makes your ISP transmit stuff to you more powerfully)

That is:
set int wan0 remote txpower [1-6]

This works for 675's only. I tried this at my buddies house on his 675, and found I could increase the signal by ~7-8dB average. This was a significant improvement, and has actually led to better service for both of us.

There are tons more tweaks, but those are the most straight forward, and effective, of them all. I'll try and post more at some point.
hehe means nothing to me!

I just got a NIC installed on this machine
and the other xp machine has a nic too.....

bought a cable thinking wow im clever... and it turned out to be a Patch UTP cable.
Obviously ti didnt see the other machine.

Have ordered a UTP cross-wire cable and hopefully that will work.

In XP i noticed that its as good as ready... is this true? plug the cables in both machine and away i go?

Or is there tutorial pages to network in XP?
Networking with a cross-over cable is totally unrelated to cisco modems...your post should go in a new thread =) but the answer is yes, plug and go. It's essentially the same thing as if you just plugged both pc's into a hub. the cross-over just has the wires arranged differently on either end, performing the "cross-over" that would've occred in the hub.
i know
i just wanted to have my name on all the forum topics :p
i dont think there will be too many people here that know cisco :>

indeed so, but this is all stuff i just fuxored around with and figured out, there may or may not be tons more tweaks similar to this one that I'm unaware of--


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