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Cingular 8525 semi-review/suggestions

My wife and I decided that if we were going to commit to two years of phone service, we might as well browse among the best. After some consideration, we settled on the Cingular 8525—two of them.

It’s my first PDA, and I am pretty thrilled by it thus far. I’d probably be more excited if Cingular would let me buy insurance for them, but that’s another story.

So far, everything is good. I like the onboard apps and my wife and I adapted almost instantly to using styluses (styli?) for the first time. I tried out the camera; nothing special, but it works in a pinch and takes some decent photos. A 1GB or better microSD card is going to be absolutely necessary simply to store more games and console emulators/roms as well as apps like Quicken and some map programs. The keyboard is easy and convenient, and we both have PDA connect, giving us MSN/Hotmail/Internet whenever we want it. My wife made a contact list and beamed it to me through infrared, which was awesome. And it picks up wifi like crazy...one of my neighbors who isn't very tech savvy is making things interesting until I get my own wireless router.

My request from the venerable PDA gurus that dwell on the board is this:

What are some apps that you like on the phones? I’m looking for interface modifications, better alarm programs, fun games, things that allow me to delete certain undeletable Cingular ringtones, or even modifications to the software or hardware itself that would give the phone greater capabilities, or things that make life in general easier (a la Quicken). The answer can be one word, or many. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

What I love the most about this phone (pic taken from my wife’s ;))


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I have the same phone, as does madmatt, not sure of any other OSNN members that do.

I also was disappointed with the lack of insurance available, I believe I was told they don't offer insurance on any "primary data phones" - not sure why (lame if you ask me since it's so expensive). All I was told was to "be careful".

A few threads you may want to browse or skim are the Windows Mobile Discussion Thread:


And the SmartPhone Tweak thread (not sure how many would apply to the 8525 though):

(cant' seem to find link - too tired still :p)

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