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CIA [Iraq is now terrorism central]

Perris Calderon

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the Bush CIA reports

Scary, but predicted long before we invaded Iraq...predicted to this administration before he decided to invade, and predicted by this administrations' most trusted advisors.

He ignored the advise;

Clarke and others told this administration in no uncertain terms that bringing war to Iraq would exaserbate the fight against and create more terrorism, not less terrorism to the world.

the wealthy owned media managed to critisize Clarke for all his wisdom...now, the administrations' own cia makes it public record;

no terrorism before we invaded the country, and now Iraq is terrorism central....the hub of terrorism itself...the world where we try to live in far more danger of terrorism becuase this administration invaded Iraq...had only this preisedent listened to the advise of his aids....it really is an incredible series of events that brings us to where we are today.

Hard to beleive, but here in the states, thanks to the right winged media, the president was actually able to win re election by claiming he had an affective policy against terrorism...members of his party bought that rubbish, though the claim flew in the face of his record.

very effective anti terrorism indeed.

none of the critisism about these results is hind sight either, this president was fully informed what the affects his policy would mean to America and to the world long before he decided to go ahead with his plan of invasion.

this is where we are today


Dabba Dooba
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Kerry said he would of done the same thing but different. Sure tells alot dont it? I really think we should mind our on biz and not worry about what other countries do. Unless they really have proof that they will do something to us then i am all for it but to go to another country cause they pose a threat on us but show no proof is in my opinion stupid. I was for bush a first but half way i just lost respect for him.


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Not to steal you thunder Perris, but didn't Doonesbury have a parody on this before the invasion. Hmmm maybe Doonesbury has a a CIA leak? or maybe Common sense and this administration dont go hand in hand?

Perris Calderon

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that's a good point falconguard...the results of an invasion of Iraq were well known long before the invasion took place...I myself predicted these results even before I heard clarke tell of what would happen.

the real point of the post though is that this administration was clearly informed what the result of his policy would bring...yet he insisted on diluting the forces of anti terrorism, diverting the resources that were clearly needed elsewhere, and promoting a war with knowledge of these results.

the point is also how the American public fall for the right winged media rubish that the invasion was some kind of fight against terrorism, , when not only was the reverse true, the administration knew the reverse would be true...it's more party loyalty here in America then the sanctity of this nation

it's as if he wanted this to happen...I don't get it

we live in troublesome times


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LordOfLA said:
Hehe and for how long was the rest of the world saying this and you all american types got "the world is anti-american" hahaha
Ya'know Lord, sadly this is the dichotomy of the present administration, hell even teh election turned into a if you are not for us then you are against us thing. You can still be a patriot and disagree with the present situation, but teh advisors of the president, saw this as a weakness, so this is what was attacked. Anti-American I think is a little severe, Anti American Administration , yah that is probably a better description.


- geek -
Yeah I think Bush under-estimated the challenge of making Iraq an America like country. It just wasn't/isn't going to happen and has now led to such great trouble that I'm not sure when we are even going to see an out. In the current state of Iraq there is no way they could have an election that actually represented the people. They just aren't going to get the numbers as car bomb/gun fire/ect. are still everyday events that people aren't going to risk in order to pick a pro-US president. Also I'm sure the Iraq people love when people mention that we sent our troops to Iraq to fight the terrorists to lure them away from the US. Who wouldn't be happy to invite people that will draw in terrorists that will kill them and the people occupying them that they also do not like? </rant>

Perris Calderon

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xie, Bush knew he would be destabialzing the region, and he knew he would be multiplying the recruiting force of terrorism

his own aids tell us they informed him that these results were unavoidable

he knew he would be creating more terrorists...that's the point


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The whole problem is the idea that they are fighting "terrorists". Yes they are fighting people, but the reason the people choose to fight is a idea, an idea that is not understood by many others.

Of course they have reason to be angry, their homes, their way of life, was invaded. And people that they knew were killed. There were much better options, and they would have had much better results.

"Shock and Awe" ?

Who? All the people who don't give a F*** ? Who don't understand?

Kerry wasn't ballsy enough, and kept changing his views-thoughts-ideas. But now regardless of what might have happened, something HAS happened and there is a price to pay. America must make amends for the dumbasses it elects, and the crap they get away with.

/end of rant

Perris Calderon

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Kerry DIDN'T change his views OR ideas...the right winged media repeated all the rubbish this administration threw at him...the public bought the big media spin machine hook with sinker.

for instance;

the media portrayed Kerry as first being for the war and then being against it...hardly

Kerry was for the war ONLY as it was presented by the PROMISE that this president made to congress and to the American people...that war would be a LAST resort...AFTER all other avenues were exhausted

find me a person that thinks this president held true the promise he made to this nation, and I'll show you a party loyalist that will say anything to defend his party leader no matter the harm done to this country

party loyalty...I can think of past heads of state that enjoyed free reign becuase of party loyalty.

it was Bush that flip flopped on everything he said, yet Kerry was portrayed as the flpper...there is the media for you

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