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Chyrp! RC2


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I use Chyrp! for my blog and I'm pretty sure there is only one other site regular using it...

But I thought I'd mention that version two RC2 came out a week or so back. Not sure if anyone else is making the upgrade (from RC1) but I think I shall be within the week or so since the comment management is sort of borked in RC1 and I know that's resolved in RC2. (I now get sufficient comment spam I have opened another thread on that).

I'll try to post my experiences of the upgrade here if there's any interest - have heard varying reports, but it seems a post export/import might be on the cards, which is less than smooth.

Watch this space - and like I say if anyone else can share any hints or tips much appreciated.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
warning to anyone upgrading to RC2. Proceed with caution, although I read several reports of happy upgraders and only one rollback story my experience was not great. See my post in the Chyrp! forums..

I am finding gaps in extension and even core functionality (must have broked something, but even so...). Think anyone upgrading should proceed with extreme caution and test their rollback strategy first :dead:
If you've got it on your server why not just git the whole thing, then make a branch for the new version, upload the files, commit the new changes, test to make sure its all working, if it is then switch back to master and merge the new version branch otherwise switch back to master and delete the new version branch.
cause I'm using a reseller account at the moment :)

I am in the process of organising servers where I have control over things though :)

Will save me £10/month too :)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
heh - Lord saved me the trouble of saying - I'm going to blog this kinda stuff here (sad what a borked blog leads you into :dead: ) But IRC can only keep you occupied so long...

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