ChOOsing a CD Writer----


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I have the Xtasy (lite on) 40x12x48x and love it. Have had zero problems and it even comes with a spiffy little sticker on it.


I would highly recommend the Liteon drives, i have three of these in different machines and i cant fault them.
The best if you are doing copies etc.


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plextor's have always been #1, but they cost a bit more. i've heard nothing but good things about lite-on's, though. sony, on the other hand... ehh...


here are the best, as far as i can tell

if you want to burn music, the yamaha light-speed is your drive
if impeccable quality for movies is your cup of tea, plexwriter
if a damned good burner that wont roast your wallet is for you, take the's are ok but the buffer is crap so u coaster a good bit


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I have a Samsung SW-216B (16x10x32) with the "Designed for Windows XP" logo. Haven't got a coaster ever! :)
It has the technology to prevent buffer underruns, and the firmware can be upgraded online. Got it for a really good price too.

I've also heard good stuff about Plextor and Yamaha.


I was lucky enough to get my mits on the Mitsumi TE4809 48/24/12 CD writer, which for a limited time was shipped with a 16mb cache. Since then I've only had 1 coaster, and that was because I was tryin to do about 10 things at once.

Mitsumi/Lite-On are two of the better manufacturers around at the moment.