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yeah.. so maybe I shouldnt post this, cuz I might get flamed like crazy, but I thought I'd ask you guys for recommendation for a linux distro... (even BSD?)
I dont know anything about linux (other than being able to use the desktop environment / make directory / copy files.. lol) but I want to learn, and if you could point me to a guide or something, that would be great too.
I'm currently considering

maybe even fedora...

I just want to learn linux inside out, etc etc.
It'd also be cool if I could learn things like compile from source, etc..
maybe even configure everything from "vanilla kernel" things like that.
"fast" would also be good, but not necessary.

is it true that if i compile the code it's slightly faster?
I'm also looking to run linux on amd k6-2 533mhz with 192 megs of ram..

well yeah.. looking forward to your wisdoms


Penguin Rancher
For linux distros, I like

Mandrake (Overall good package of software, easy to learn with)

Slackware (very Unix like with traditional Unix tools and a lot of things you would learn here would transfer to just about any Unix based OS - slightly more difficult to configure than Mandrake or Red Hat)

I have not tried the Fedora Core, but I did enjoy the Red Hat releases before that.

For BSD, FreeBSD is the only way to go :p
hmm many of you seem to prefer "slackware"
I remember NetRyder used to use that and converted to
Archlinux... :p Doesnt slackware come with
"Vanilla kernels" and stuff?
I'll look into slackware now :D
Furthur suggestions are most certainly welcome!
(It would also be fitting for me to use BSD, since I'm in berkeley :eek: )


OSNN One Post Wonder
I would recomend slackware until you get used to the linux files system and terminall, then I would go with gentoo. :)

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