I'm sorry Hal...
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6 Jan 2002
When i run chkdsk, or NDD, i get the messge that another process has exclussive access to my drive and i cannot continue. i have to scheduale a boot time check to do a scan.

Does any one know waht might be locking my drive

btw it happens on both my c (NTFS) and d (FAT32) drives
What about it? which program?, i don't have anything from it running!?
Look in task manager... There's something running in the background and you can't kill it either. That's the reason I got rid of it. Uninstall it and see... you can always put it back.
these loads of things in task manager, most of which i don't know what they are. the only thing i can see is norton av. besides i have hd Nu installed for ages with no probs, and havn't run anything recently
i get the messge that another process has exclussive access to my drive and i cannot continue
That's what I'm referring to.

I never had a problem with Norton Utilities... I just don't want anything running in the background that won't let me do certain things... like quick format a partition or something.
well i've unistalled NU and still no go
I don't know what's locking your drive then... for me it was Norton. :confused: :confused:
i have the same problem, but i don't have any norton programs installed... or any other programs running in background except windows programs..
getting really annoying now, when diskeeper runs, it says theres an error on the disk and to run chkdsk. so i do, but the drive is locked. The only thing i can do is do a check when it boots. so i do that- nothing appears to be fixed, it doesn't display a message or anything saying something was fixed. but when it reboots again, the drive is still locked and diskeeper still don't run!
Is the drive encrypted or something? Any third-party delete protection programs like Norton protected recycle bin... that sort of thing?
nope not encrypted. have completly unistalled NU, so no protected recycle bin.

The only thing i found on the MKB was about NT and it mentions a program called clearmem which was on the NT resource pack, so i download it and its not on it!!

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