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CHKDSK error?



Hi there,

I want to run a CHKDSK on my main HD, so I select it to run the next time windows boots up.....

however, when the time comes it gives me the following error:

Cannot open the volume for direct access
Windows has finished checking the volume.

and proceeds to boot without checking my disk!

plz help? I cant find anything that has been helpful on google.

During windows operation it would be caused by a 3rd party application locking the partition such as a virus checker or disk monitor tool.

However you have said that this error is being reported during boot time scan the disk right?

I take it in windows you ran chkdsk /F and selected to check at boot time?

Ive not heard of the disk been locked during this phase as it is a special mode for performing disk checking / makeing changes to the disk.

One idea may be to boot into safe mode and run the disk check then without any 3rd party tools to cause issues, even then however you may not be able to complete a check as windows would have locked the disk.

Another option may be to boot the recovery console and use chkdsk from there

Also, im unsure of this one but using NTFSDOS Pro and a boot disk could you run a disk check then? As i say im unsure of that for a number of reasons.

Couple of ideas but if this error is being reported during the special mode at startup i cant think of anything running other than the disk controller that would interfer.

Ah, one last idea that just came to me. Check the drivers on your system, in particually those for the disk if you are not using the default windows drivers for any reason. Are they WHQL? Use sigverif to check for unsigned drivers, some of these may be loaded during this phase of boot and could be causing problems.

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