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chkdsk EA records.

CRCdisk.sys, wont Boot.

laptop i have here has some issues. when booting vista 32 SP1 it stops at CRCdisk.sys

so did my research and found its some files with windows most commonly. so just blew away the disk and start over. same issue. formatted it with acronis and did a secure wipe. tried to install again. it install but when it tries to boot, it stops there again.

installed windows 7 beta. it works. i do a chkdsk. and i see that there are now. 2 EA records processed. what is this? they do not exist on my other notebook or pc.

anyone out here know?
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extended attribute. Part of NTFS nothing to worry about :)

I'd get the disk testing tools from the disk manufacturer and have it run diagnostic tests.
ok running that. now.. so far nothing. windows 7 installed and runs fine. but tried to do vista on it again and it dies. it stopped at completing installation.

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