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Children of Men


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A co-worker told me about this today - apparently it is based on a world where people can't re-produce anymore. There is one woman who gets pregnant, and someone tries to protect her or something. Interesting plot ;)



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The concept behind this movie is really interesting, it could be a great little gem of a movie or be a horrible directed and confusing mess. Lets hope for the first one :)


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I look forward to seeing reviews from you people - not sure when I can actually get a chance to go see it myself :D


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Not sure if I should start a review thread of just use this one. I guess a mod can split this if need be. Anyways,

Children of Men - Review.

I don't know. I liked it okay, it's just all over the map. It starts out great, Theo (Clive Owen) tries to order coffee while a packed shop watches a news report about the death of "baby" Diego, the youngest person on earth. Theo seems to be the only one not concerned about it, but he does use everyone else's pain to secure some time off.

All of this is happening against a backdrop similar to V for Vendetta. One where the UK is the only country still intact, albeit barely, non-Englishmen are persecuted, immigrants are deported, the government uses fear of terrorism to keep the citizens in line. However, unlike V, the government isn't really the bad guy. No one is. It's just a bunch of scared people doing what they can to survive. It's interesting alright, but in addition to no enemy there really isn't any hero either. The pregnant woman isn't anything special, she jokes about being a virgin and that would have made the quest to save her a little more interesting but ultimately a cop out. Theo is a reluctant guardian of said pregnant woman, and he is doing it only because a love of long ago asked him to help. The woman and Theo don't trust anyone, one group wanting to help is apparently helping only for political purposes, another group no one is sure exists. There is frequent talk of "the uprising" but we are never sure who is rising up and what they are rising against. When it does occur, the huge battle scene looked so much like HL2 that I was looking for Striders and Combine.

See it's not that it's bad. It just fails where it shouldn't. The story COULD go so many ways but it doesn't go anywhere. The acting is great, the story lacks. Its beautifully shot, and the music is a great compliment. I'm just conflicted. There is a stirring scene near the end showing the power this last child has over people and I know the message they were going for with that scene but its not enough to save it. In the end I'd describe it as dreary or depressing. I don't think that's what they were going for.

3 out of 5 OSNN stars.


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I thought it was a good film let down by a sloppy script and a few other loose ends. The acting was generally pretty good but I thought some of the lines, "That's what you do, you walk away" etc, were a bit cliched and I couldn't help but think of Julianne Moore as the token American to pull in audiences in the US.
I also thought that the setting seemed to be a bit muddled, in some parts I got quite sucked in to the whole dystopian future but then at other times it just seemed a bit silly.
Also, Clive Owen would never have stayed behind to watch his mate get killed while trying to rescue the ONLY pregnant woman in the entire world lol! He would have run like hell!!!

Some very interesting ideas in the film however, which makes me want to read the book.

3/5 OSNN stars for me too.

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Yeah seems to have been quite a few films recently where the UK is the be all and end all - even to some extent with 28 days/weeks later.

Anyway, started this film but haven't finished it, will do some day I guess when I manage to get thru the mountain of other things I need to watch.


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My favorite scene was:

When the baby is born and they walk out of that building...causing all the fighting to stop. That had my neck hairs raised :p


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Yeah, I must admit that was pretty cool. There were definitely a few great moments, it's a shame that it had it's fair share of dodgy aspects IMO.

What was with the guy's cousin who had a weird kid with that thing on his hand?


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Movie wasn't that good nor that bad, it was O.K. It had some moments but I judge a movie by (besides story and acting) it's "would I watch it again?" appeal. And I would not watch it again. I'm glad I waited to see it on DVD and not in a theater. :s


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I saw it theaters when it came out, and I thought it was pretty good overall. I love the "crappy future" types though as Grandmaster described it. It may have its shortcomings, but its definitely worth seeing. My biggest problem is that they could have taken the story so much further, developed some of the characters better and maybe split it into two movies or just one extra long one.

Definitely a no hold bars, in your face and dirty movie. People will die, and its not really a happy movie in anyway. Its great! :)

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