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ha, my first car was a red 66 corvair

I'm trying to find one to buy because it was my first car and doing some research I found out some VERY interesting factoids;

for me, the 65 corvair was an excellent ride, styling way ahead of it's time, and engineered way ahead of it's time as well, pancake 6 cylinder engine, four barrel carb, excellent pickup, independent suspension which they modified to later to use in corvettes we might add, they pioneered unibody construction and their turbo through the corvair and the turbo was very very nice indeed...except for having to add oil constantly (bad o rings), it never gave a stitch of trouble till it was in an accident

here's a factoid nobody knows about corvairs;

Nader's book actually extended the life of the model!!!


the, valiant, comet, falcon, mustang, and even chevy's own chevyll ate too much into the corvair market and it was actually scheduled to end production in 66!!

chevy didn't want to look like they were caving to Nader so they continued producing the car BECAUSE of his book

interesting isn't that?

and byw...chevy was vindicated when independent study showed the car was no less safe then the other cars of it's era

I'm looking for another one as we speak, preferably the turbo convertible if I can find one in nice shape
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